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Stop the social media foolishness!

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While much of social media may seem harmless, Samantha Pounds and Janelle Cissell of Dreamstyle Media told Urban Media Project students July 12 that such “foolishness” on social media can either make or break you.

“Social media can make or break you,” Cissell said. “Especially, if you’re posting fight videos, with cuss words in it and other uncouth things. This foolishness can mess up chances for future employment or to start a business – it just really hinders you.”

Both PR professionals stopped in at the Urban Media Project camp at the Upward Bound Summer Academy July 12 to lend their expertise to the students’ final multimedia presentations.

The IPS alumni (Cissell from Tech and Pounds from Broad Ripple) graciously took time out to pay it forward to the Upward Bound students from inner city high schools.

Cissell came on board with Dreamstyle at the beginning of this year. Pounds formed the company in 2012 right after graduating from Indiana State University.

A dynamo go-getter, just four years after graduation, PR girl Pounds is not only a successful small business owner, she also is the author of “Love Falls on Deaf Ears and Hears Clearly,” the story of how she found her fiancee Clark Howard.

Navigating the world of social media is at the heart of a Public Relations career, and both Pounds and Cissell, talked about how quickly social media has changed over the last decade.

“Most people go to social media for fact checking and  most of our clients utilize social media,” Cissell said. “There was no social media when I was in college, we just got dial up email, so as an adult, I had to learn about social media.”

In addition to staying away from foolishness, the two PR pros offered quick tips for social media creators.

  1. Be conscious about the impact of your posts – it could affect the most important aspects of your like.
  2. If you want to be successful in Public Relations, you need to know journalism basics and have a good relationship with journalists so you know what journalists want.

  1. Public relations professionals help clients shine the light of the media on their business or event, or as Cissell puts it:

“You can stand on the corner and yell, ‘Hey I’m selling T-shirts,’ or you can hire us to stand on corner for you – that’s what we do as PR people.”