Bring the Urban Media Project to your school or organization


The Urban Media Project offers creative, youth-centered media projects to inner-city youth in elementary, middle and high schools throughout the Indianapolis area.

The Urban Media Project gives students of all ages access to mobile reporter camps, production of unique multimedia projects, and access to high school and college award-winning reporters and photographers for learning purposes.

Examples could include: day-long newspaper boot camps offered on I-pads, journalism courses geared towards internet-based reporting for budding journalists, field trips to media outlets, grants giving schools without newspapers access to print products, and town hall style meetings with local officials

We’re doing this because we saw a need. There is a growing gap between the use of technology and media in the daily lives of inner city youth, and media programs within Indianapolis Public Schools are few and far between. The lack of options leaves many students feeling disenfranchised on their campuses.

URBAN MEDIA PROJECT (camps and co-curricular programs) provides creative youth media projects for inner city youth. High school and college students would be able to apply for part-time jobs for their work with the Urban Media Project camps, publications/productions funded through grants, sponsorships, marketing and branding projects. As the PBS NewsHour Student Reporting Lab for Indiana, Urban Media Project students worked with WFYI producer/mentor Aric Hartvig to produce video reports for and

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Example: Beyond the Norm – National PBS NewsHour report-the-norm/


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